Are You The Chicken Or The Pig?

Trigger warning: This message is not kosher. Proceed accordingly.

In business, you’ll eventually arrive at a point when you have to decide just how committed you are.

When the going gets tough, most people get going…on to something else.

But when you find that thing, that project, that client, that business idea that makes you come alive! When you find that, it’s still going to get hard.

Oh sure it will be all mimosas to start. The best breakfasts always are. But then it’ll get hotter and something will have to fry.

And when it does, you’ll need to decide if you want to be the chicken or the pig.

See the chicken, she contributes. She lays the eggs. No eggs, no breakfast. But she always has more eggs. More tomorrow, And more the day after that. She’s a little tired after producing the eggs, but she’ll rest and recoup (pun most certainly intended.)

Now there’s the pig. He’s committed. He lays down his life for the breakfast. He puts it all on the line. There's no quit in the pig. There’s no next time. All the pigs got is this time, so he leaves it all on the plate.

There’s no shame in being the chicken. We need chickens. We need everyone to contribute their talents and their gifts to everything we’re working on. But the chicken always holds a little back.

Those big changes though...Those reality-shattering innovations…those life-changing advances, they come from the people who didn’t wait until tomorrow to give us their best self. They came from the pigs. 

Think about what you’re working on today…How committed are you? How much are you holding back?

Are you the chicken or the pig?

Now for the magical truth that separates our lives from that of breakfast protein…

…are you ready?..

For some of us, the chickens, their life is all about making eggs, resting, and getting back to that egg-makin'-life.

But for the valiant few, the pigs, after they’re done giving more than they thought was possible, they’re reborn. Their old self gave all it had, but then it gave birth to the new version we are today.

We think when we give all we’ve got that we might just die. That is an illusion wrapped around a deeper truth.

We do. Yesterday’s version of us is gone. The version that didn’t know what was possible AFTER we gave it all. They’re dead now.

What remains is even better. Today’s version of me understands that yesterday I gave it all. Today, I’m standing at the top of the mountain I conquered yesterday. 

What do I see?

The next mountain. Today’s challenge. I have healthy skepticism that I’ll be able to give it all again. But I’ve got faith, and I’ve got the memory of giving it all yesterday.

The brain wants to trick me. The chicken brain, the lizard brain wants me to think I don’t have as much as I do. It wants to conserve. It wants to keep me safe.

But I know what happens after I’ve given it all. I get to begin again with wonder and innocence and commitment that I’m going to give it all again.

Just as soon as I’m done making breakfast ;)