Change Mechanism

“What is a change mechanism?” 
A prospective client asks me during a strategy session.

“A change mechanism is a pathway within your business to make strategic decisions and implement significant changes.”

“That sounds like a lot of work.” She said.
"We’re barely getting all of our work done as it is.” She said. 
"How do you expect us to change?”

There were a few seconds of silence.

"How do you expect to survive if you don’t?” I asked.

You see, she already knew she had to change. She’s known for years. 

She has fallen into the trap that so many small business owners do. When the going got tough, she and her team buckled down and worked harder.

"What could be wrong with that?" You might be asking…

Hard work is an unsustainable solution to the problem of changing times.
Sure, we all have to work hard during different seasons. But constant hard work just to keep up will eventually lead to burnout and bad decision making.

The good news is it is never too late to make a decision to change. It will feel like a relief too since you’ve probably been holding onto some changes in your mind for quite a while. 

Maybe you need a new marketing strategy. Maybe you need to change a critical process for the better. Maybe you need to release a new, breakthrough product that you know your market is craving. Maybe you need to let that one team member go who is dragging you down. 

Whatever change you know you need to make in your business, the best time to decide to change was yesterday. The second best is today.

What are you waiting for?