Everything Feels More Complicated Than It Should

"Oh, why is everything so complicated?!”

"What’s complicated?" I ask

“Regulations, new software changes, our new payroll vendor. Why can’t it be simple like it used to be?”

I was meeting with the office administrator for a small family doctor’s practice.

She’s totally right. For doctors and many other business owners they’ve seen an explosion in complexity over the past decade. What were once simple parts of the business are now immensely more complicated.

-Technological Changes
-Customer Demands
-Employee’s Needs

Everything is more…but revenue is often stable or declining. Such is the plight of the small business. Right?


Overcomplicating is a verb not a state of being. Just like CRYING, WALLOWING, and FAILING are verbs.
They are actions which means they are choices. Replace the action, replace the result.

Let’s think about some other actions to replace what we have been doing:
Systemizing is a verb. So are Automating, Simplifying, Eliminating, Building, and Succeeding.

If you’ve been feeling that everything is more complicated than it used to be, you are not alone.

Most things in life are more complicated now than a decade or two ago. But that is the symptom, not the disease.
Times are more complicated because the pace of change has moved faster than your comfort level. 

Are you ready for the cure?

It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Step by step you need to build the systems for success in your business. You need to choose to step out of survival mode and implement the necessary pieces for your to thrive. You might need help, and that is where we come in.

Venture Greatly’s team of innovation consultants help you through the process of improving, systemizing, and automating your business processes and frustrations. 

Don’t believe it’s possible? 

Our clients are doing it every day. One by one, they are turning their businesses around to take advantage of the potential of our changing times, rather than succumbing to its complexity.