I Love to Drive.

I love opening the sunroof and carving up back, country roads. 

Most people don’t know how to drive. Even the people who drive every day don’t get performance driving.

I’m not talking about the jerks who drive like "a-holes" on the road. It is NOT COOL to put others in danger.

I’m talking about taking a drive on the road less traveled and power through some turns. 

Most people come into a curve too fast. This forces them to break as they’re turning or risk loosing control of their car.

All Wrong!!

When you break before coming into a turn, you get to power through the curve, using all of your energy to push the car into its new direction.

If you’re on a racetrack, this leads to faster turns and ultimately better race times. But on the back roads, when you’re only driving for pleasure, it means you are in complete control. You begin to become one with the machine.

Why am I talking about driving on our business blog?

I thought you might ask.

Driving and business are pretty similar in this one way.

When change is coming, you need momentum, but you also need to have “gas” to power through the change. Just like when you have to move your car from one vector to another, your business and your team have to be moved. This takes money, this takes time, and it takes foresight to see where the business turns are coming up.

If you see a change coming in your business, acting sooner rather than later ensures that you have the money needed to power through.

What changes do you see coming?