Important vs Urgent

//You’re Frustrated Because You’re Using Old Tools//

Would you cook dinner with an iron pot in your fireplace? 

Would you trust a surgeon who wanted to drain your humors with a rusty hand-operated drill?

Would you burn a heretic on a stake?

Then why do I see people using old time management techniques well beyond when they stopped being useful?

Take the Eisenhower Matrix for example. It’s that 4 square chart identifying urgent, important, and non-urgent and non-important tasks.

President Eisenhower first used it as the Allied Forces Supreme Commander during WWII.

But it was popularized by Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people. 

Let me clarify a couple of things...

I love Eisenhower. The matrix is brilliant. And Covey’s book was one of the most impactful for my early years in business as I was getting into leadership.

The problem isn’t with the tool. The problem is that our culture has evolved.

“But I’ve tried time management techniques, and I still constantly feel like I’m coming up short. Like my most important goals never really get done.”

That’s because you’re using an old map to get to a new destination.

You’re still overwhelmed because today there is an industry that has been created around using extortion, manipulation, and bribery to get and keep your attention.

You’re reading this on a social network that is built on pulling you back in again and again. You are bombarded by news, and notifications, and tasks that “feel” important and urgent.

If you have tried these time management techniques and still feel like you are coming up short, I have good news for you:

It’s not your fault.

BUT, you are responsible for getting the results you want... And I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with time management.

If you want to get free from emergencies, then you need to get better at priority management.

Define your goals. 

Make time for what is important. 

Make everyone jealous at your incredible results.