Next Time

Next Time.

"Next time I’ll do it differently.”

“Next time I’ll be braver.”

“Next time I won’t be so distracted.”

“Next time I will be on time.”

Next time. Next time. Next time.

"Next time" will never be as powerful as “last time.” 

But sometimes that is unavoidable. Being human means we’ll never be perfect.

This is one of those middle path paradoxes. If you always live in "next time," then you’re focused on a delusion. If you never set an intention for the future then you’re stuck in bad made-for-cable version of Groundhog Day.

I’m writing this because I’m not sharing a video today. I have something really special planned, but it’s taking more than a week to execute. So…next time be prepared to get something really great.

This time, you get my musings in the form of a cautionary tale. 

“Next time” is best used when you truly, deeply want a different outcome than “this time.”

AND you’re backing that up with commitment, action, and resources. “Next time” is the best antidote to self-shaming and beating yourself up, but only when you’re serious. 

Without commitment, action, and resources you’re really just setting “next time” up for failure. And no one has time for that.


UPDATE: based on some conversations with our coaches we're pivoting our content strategy for the next few weeks. We will be back with more of these video mini-trainings.