Try, Try, Try Again

If at first, I don't succeed...Try, Try Again

As trite as this proverb may feel, thriving in changing times requires the exact grit that it describes. Here's the thing: so often change has false starts. The secret to changing is to keep at it, even when it doesn't seem to be working yet.

Well, a false start happened with me and this blog. I've been balancing multiple priorities. Last week I launched my first full-length ebook. I have a portfolio of onsite consulting engagements, and I'm building a new online course that I think will help a lot of you. In my busyness, I didn't make time to share valuable content with you every Tuesday like I promised. None of these reasons are excuses, but I thought you deserved an explanation.

That is a problem for me because commitments are significant - and even though this was a commitment to a mostly anonymous audience of readers and followers. It is still a commitment. Here's the tricky part: Habits can't positively change in the same space as shame and regret.

My next steps here are critical. I can't beat myself up for my mistake. I thought about changing the post date of my first post - almost no one would notice. But that would only feed my shame about not successfully making change happen on my first attempt. So instead, I'm owning my imperfection. I'm posting honestly about it here. Next, I'm going to be crafting a specific message calendar for the next 3 months. And then I'm carving out space in my schedule to write each and every week.