What is Innovation Consulting?

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If you’re anything like most of our clients, then you are a business owner or executive who constantly faces an incredibly fast pace of change. We’re living in an age where new technologies, new cultural trends, and new economic shifts make running a business increasingly hard. If you aren’t willing to change to reach new customers, communicate with your market in different ways, and optimize your operations to increase customer value - then you will be left behind by someone who will.

That's innovation. Change for the better.

Innovation is just bringing something new into the world.
— Tony Banta

We all know the favorite stories of innovation. Companies like Apple, Tesla, GE and those behemoths that shape the world economy and drive markets. Those companies do innovate, and there are powerful lessons to be learned from studying them. But there is so much innovation that occurs in small teams and one-person businesses every day. Innovation is just bringing something new into the world. Let's look at Merriam-Webster's definition: “the introduction of something new.”

Following every thought of an innovation is a choice: keep the status quo, or try something new.
— Tony Banta

See! Innovation doesn't care if it changes the world. Innovation doesn't care if it shapes markets, or if it is a market success. Innovation only requires newness. An innovation in your company could be solving a common problem for your customers, or communicating with your market in a new way, or even just a new idea that isn't widely discussed within your industry. Innovations are everywhere. Following every thought of an innovation is a choice: keep the status quo, or try something new. Innovation consulting services from Venture Greatly simply help you make that decision more easily. 

There are many consultants that you could seek in any given industry. There are PR consultants who can get more exposure in the media. There are social media consultants who can help you communicate and advertise on social networks. There are operations consultants who can take you through a pre-defined cycle of improving efficiency. There are marketing consultants who can help you re-brand or clarify your message. There are project management consultants who can help your team execute projects with speed and on-budget. You may need any or all of these kinds of services - in fact, several of our consultants and adjuncts have years of experience in these areas. But at Venture Greatly we approach things a bit differently. We start with innovation.

Every engagement with us asks the question: what does your company need to thrive in changing times? We help you and your team implement the processes, people, and products today that will make your company successful tomorrow. In short, we help you innovate so you can thrive in changing times. We believe long lasting success requires crafting a compelling vision of the future, creating statistical measurements to test your assumptions and a plan to continually execute with accountability. We see these as the three foundations of innovation. From this foundation, you have an unlimited ability to change and improve how you serve your customers.

If you've ready this far, you might be thinking: how can innovation consulting help me?

If your business has experienced the dramatic changes in culture and technology, then innovation consulting can help you gain a deeper understanding of your market (your customers and other's like them) and their needs. If you have felt the overwhelm and doubt that you will be successful in the future, innovation consulting can help you gain perspective and confidence for decades to come. If you have struggled to implement new techniques, marketing initiatives, or technologies, then innovation consulting can help you implement the little changes over time that will lead to transformational results.

As a gift to you, our reader, we have a complimentary download of our Purpose Guide. The most impactful way to create a compelling vision for your company is to be clear on your company's purpose. Download it here, and be sure to reach out to our team if you have any questions.